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1. Concept - (n) Def: An idea, notion or theory.

2. Creation - (n) Def: Something which has been brought into existence, oftentimes artistic in nature, skillfully rendered from imagination, subliminal influences and/or technical resourcefulness.

3. Multimedia - (n) Def: Three or more mediums (i.e., literature, graphic design and web development) used to present information, data &/or art thru visual and/or audio sensory inputs.

...For businesses, the most important "tool" available to attract the attention of potential customers, as well as to keep its current consumers interested is advertisement and whether utilizing a clever slogan, a catchy music jingle, a creative logo or an eye-catching animation... promoting its image and brand helps the public distinguish their company’s products and services from competitors.

...Advertisement design agencies are hired to consult with clients to conceptualize and create effective, marketable content to use to promote an image, service(s) and product(s). Oftentimes, design companies specialize in creating content in 2 or 3 formats (mediums) such as; Graphic Art and Web Site Development to establish a new company identity or to improve an existing image. In a rapidly evolving, digital environment however, a company must implement as many methods of communication as feasible to convey a specific message in order to attract and obtain new clientele, while simultaneously continuing to improve the relationship already forged with its existing customer base.

Literary Compositions
Graphic Design
Web Development
Digital Photography
Music Production

...Welcome to Concepts & Creations, LLC Multimedia™; a multiple medium, advertisement consultation, design and development agency, which creates artistic content for clients seeking professional consultation, workmanship and material to use to promote its business, image, services and/or products. Within this web site are examples of C&C,llc's workmanship, which displays its skill, aptitude and resources to generate artistic content, across 5 creative platforms.

...If you require artistically creative content to; improve an existing business identity, build a new image or fulfill a non-business related purpose...Concepts & Creations, LLC Multimedia™ can meet your needs.


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...Consequently, C&C,llc, in full support of the freedom of uninhibited artistic expression and the freedom of individuals (To chose, receive and experience art, data and/or information, without censorship by any person, corporation, collective or organization) recommends to its visitors to view this web site using devices, which support the Adobe® FLASH® Player (as well as other proven technologies) so that each web page (and FLASH® content herein) can be displayed, experienced and enjoyed fully as the Internet promotes; without restrictions pre-determined and imposed by individuals, businesses and other entities.

- C&C,llc Owner and Multimedia Artist, Wendell L. Thornhill......


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